Shaft Grounding Ring

The AEGIS bearing protection, grounding technology consists of a Conductive MicroFiberâ„¢ shaft grounding ring in an aluminium housing. It is easy to install and maintenance free.

The use of variable-speed drives with AC motors induces electrical currents on the motor shaft. Once they exceed the resistance of the bearing lubricant, these currents discharge to ground (typically the motor housing), causing fusion craters in the bearings. Over time, these craters increase in size and number, resulting in frosting, pitting, fluting, and eventually bearing failure. This type of premature bearing failure can cost thousands of dollars in increased maintenance and lost production - we can offer a solution.

The technology is used in many motor and generator applications including:

  • VFD AC motors
  • DC motors
  • Wind generators
  • Power generators
  • Test equipment