Current Collector Strips

Our extensive range of current collectors for transport applications offers high performance and low friction for long overhead wire life.

We design, engineer and manufacture carbon and metalised carbon current collector strips for pantograph and third rail applications. We also offer associated aluminum or steel carriers as required.

Our comprehensive range includes collectors suitable for overhead, third rail and trolley bus shoes on metro systems, high-speed trains, trams and trolley buses. We have full-length metalised collectors, kasperowski designs, fitted and integral end horns, lightweight bonded aluminium designs, auto drop, arc protection, ice breakers and high current bonded collectors.

Self Supporting Collector Strips

We supply mainline railway systems with self supporting carbon collector strips including epoxy bonding of carbon to aluminium providing:

  • Reduction in pan head mass
  • Improved dynamic response
  • Reduction in maintenance and service costs

We have also developed a unique method of transferring high currents to give a low resistance current path in bonded collectors, resulting in an innovative light weight solution for DC applications.

We have 30 years global applications experience in this sector working with customers all over the world in a wide variety of operating environments. We are able to use our broad product portfolio, in-depth materials expertise and extensive in-house testing facilities to engineer collectors for optimum performance in the field.

To discuss your technical requirement for current collectors please contact us today.